GraviTire 3D

GraviTire 3D 2.0

GraviTire 3D is a racing game that can engage anyone
2.0.2 (See all)

GraviTire 3D is a challenging game that gives you an opportunity to have fun while rolling a tire on up and down a road. The setting of GraviTire 3D is an environment where the main attribute is the rode where gamers roll their tires. While playing the game you gather speed when you roll the tire downhill. Here where the name of the game comes from: when you roll the tire downhill it gathers speed under the influence of gravitation. GraviTire 3D is a racing game that can engage anyone, because everyone likes competition, it is in our nature.
-- Attractive and challenging, easy to use.
-- Easy, one-touch gameplay.
-- Procedural generated levels: every game is a new game.
-- Play via Game Center or over local Wi-Fi network.
-- Retina display.
-- Sense of flow, feel drive, have fun and enjoy your time when rolling a tire.
-- Pause anytime, when need to make a break.
-- Compete with your friends or with up to 4 other players around the world.

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